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Why is it Important to Learn the Real Florida Pros and Cons Before Before Moving to Florida?

Because  Roughly 30,000 People are Now Moving OUT of Florida Every Month. Millions have Moved to Florida only to Move Out (proof  below).

Here are real numbers from a report* published by the University of Florida in 2009 on Florida migration from 1980-2008!

13,164,695 People moved to Florida from another U.S. state 1980-2008.moving truck

9,540,260 People moved out of Florida to another US state 1980-2008.

3,624,435 A small net gain compared to the 13,164,695 that moved there!

The report provided a very accurate picture because it only counted moves that could be verified through US Census Bureau and IRS records. The report did not count immigrants (legal or otherwise) from other countries or people with who did not file timely tax returns or filed incomplete returns where addresses couldn’t be verified. If you file valid tax returns you are exactly like the people in the study.

What do the numbers show me? People who move to Florida from another state have a very poor chance of being happy with their move long term even if they considered their move to Florida to be a permanent one.

Of course this does not surprise me. I moved to Florida in the mid ’90’s and worked full time as a real estate agent and broker. I saw the pattern repeated over and over. People would move to Florida to fulfill a dream. Then realize that living there was far different than what they expected. Then move out. This is great for real estate agents, moving companies, “Florida lifestyle” furniture stores and others who make thousands of dollars when you move down, and then again when you move out, but it was often devastating both financially and emotionally to the folks who thought they were “permanently” moving or retiring to Florida.

How Typical “Permanent” Florida Relocation’s work.

1) We develop a positive impression of Florida.

This comes from advertising promoting Florida tourism, real estate, retirement and other interests (there is nothing wrong with that). After visiting Florida, this impression is reinforced by wonderful memories. I myself visited Florida twice a year for over 10 years before I finally moved down. I’d been to all the theme parks and many of Florida’s beaches. I thought I knew all there was to know about living in Florida because I had visited it so often.

2) We move to Florida.

The first few months of living in Florida is almost always great, similar to vacations. I can remember floating in my heated caged pool after dark looking up at the stars and thinking “I should have moved sooner”. When I first started selling real estate in Florida I couldn’t relate to what people were telling me about why they wanted to sell and move back to their home state. Many were willing to sell at a significant loss just to get out of the state. Most offered their reasons for leaving Florida, but if they didn’t I would ask.

3) We learn what living in Florida is really like.

As the years went by, I no longer had to ask sellers why they wanted to move out of Florida. I had lived in Florida long enough to know first hand why so many people wanted out. This book is about the reasons hundreds of Florida sellers gave for moving out of Florida and what you can do differently, to improve your chances of a successful long term move.

THE SURPRISING THING IS most of these people blamed themselves for not liking Florida. They were under the assumption that everyone else loves the place, that it was just their bad luck and that their situation was unique. Nothing could be further from the truth! I was constantly contacted by people who wanted to sell to get out of Florida. It wasn’t until I read the report from the University of Florida that I realized how huge the problem was. Yet it’s still like a big secret. I never saw it in the research I did before I moved to the state. Other than the next to impossible to find report from the University of Florida, there isn’t anything warning people just how poor their chances are of being happy living in Florida long term really are. So every month 30,000 or more new people move to Florida seeking paradise, usually spending a fortune to make it happen, and another 30,000 move out. That’s when I decided I had to write the Florida Move Guide.

Why should you care? If you knew now, before you moved, that you would hate living in Florida a couple of years after you moved there, would you:

  • sell the home you are in now (costly)
  • move long distance (costly)
  • buy another home (costly)
  • sell that home (costly)
  • make another long distance move back home (costly)
  • and buy another house right where you live now (costly)?

I have seen people who move to Florida and buy a home only to sell and lose lots of money, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. While it is entirely possible that you may love living in Florida, please learn the truth about how poor your odds are of that really happening, and how you can increase your odds of a successful long term move.

A minimum of 9,540,260 people moved out of Florida in just a 28 year period. That’s more people than the entire population now living in all individual US States except ten. More people moved out of Florida between 1970-2008 than the entire population now living in New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana or Arizona for instance.

How can the Florida Move Guide Help You?

The Florida Move Guide was written by a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and 14 year full-time resident. The book is intended to help you improving your chances of a successful long term relocation by telling you the reasons hundreds of sellers gave for wanting to get out of “paradise, and how you can minimize the risk of the same thing happening to you. Learn how to choose the right Florida home, which ones to avoid, where to live and more. Avoid all the common new comer mistakes that happen when following bad advice.

Unlike the 10 Million people in the study who moved to Florida only to discover it wasn’t for them, you have the chance to learn what living in the state is really like, before you move. There are tons of one sided “Florida is paradise” publications put out there by big money interests, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the facts show living in Florida wasn’t right for millions of people and it may be wrong for you or your family too.

“Avoid Disaster and Increase Your Chances of a Successful Florida Relocation with the Florida Move Guide”

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 * See “An Analysis of Annual Migration Flows in Florida, 1980 – 2008” published by the University of Florida in 2009. PLEASE NOTE: In the past, this report was freely available in PDF format from the University of Florida. In fact, a few years ago, an online search for the title would return a search result that was a direct link to the PDF download. It appears they now only allow access to it if you register at their site, which is not unreasonable. 08/26/2015 Update: It appears all links to this valuable report have been removed.